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Strategic Alliance with MediaProximity

International partnered up. With the infrastructure provided by MediaProximitiy, using technologies such as Bluetooth, infrared, RFID and NFC, innovative marketing campaigns were run in major European metropolitan areas. Hotspots where installed at bus stops, train stations and public squares around the city. Passersby were able to get more after their visual contact with the advert. With a mobile phone an additional content related to the product or brand was available for downloading through one of the previously mentioned technologies. Our customers included Vodafone, Nokia, Renta4, CocaCola, RedBull, BBVA, Fitur, Simo, Panda Software, JCDecaux and many more. These are some examples of bluetooth campaigns: CocaCola On the go: 60 Smart cars were loaded with bluetooth hostspots. People were able to download content when near the cars. RedBull: Motorbike competition in “Plaza de las Ventas” the Bull Fight Arena in Madrid.  The best scenes of the competition were available to download. Qué!, Grupo Recoletos (magazine): in collaboration with Mobile Dreams Factory. A mobile version of the magazine were available to download in Barcelona.

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