• Since 2000, DEMTECH have helped Corporates to grow their business by connecting them with the most innovative startups in the world.

Most corporates need to grow in new markets, and seek to acquire new capabilities and solutions by investing in early stage technologies through the innovation model.

We use different methodologies and tools according to the needs and the innovation stage each company is.

  • Adopting Stage:

    Need for Innovation - Undefined team roles (technical) - Need of HR development - No innovation structure - Budget assignment (Low) - Exploration phase.

  • Maturing Stage:

    Small Innovation team - Corporate hub up to 5 companies - In the process to build APIs and Digital Hub - Preparation of HR innovation development strategy - In search for the most suitable Innovation Management Tool.

  • Integrated Stage:

    Innovation and Development area inside the company - Innovation Management Tools implemented - Investment arm - In-house Scouters and third parties - Corporative Hub with more than 15 companies - Digital Hub and API development - Defined Challenges.